Our Story Made In Italy

The noble hosiery was born in Racale in 1982, we were little more than a shop. It was the golden age of Italian hosiery factories, and Racale was its capital. After difficult years (with the 2008 crisis, 90% of the hosiery factories in the town closed) we chose to give new life to the noble Italian yarns, from which NOBILE was born.

An All-Italian Story

  • Strumpfwarenfabrik Chiara 1982

    "Calzificio" is the Italian for hosiery factory. From the city of socks (Racale), we are here to keep the name of our city high. For over 40 years we have been making socks of all kinds for well-known and international brands. We have always been after perfection and millions of socks later, through Nobile, we want to share our idea of a perfect sock.

  • Precious Yarns

    Craftsmanship, technology, and yarn quality. We use certified TRUE Filoscozia® which provides shine, softness, freshness, and zero friction with the skin. From hand-picked extra-long cotton staples to artisanal manufacturing processes, all made in Italy.

  • Edel

    From the most noble yarns, to the most careful production processes, ending with beautiful design. Gone are the days when wearing a pair of socks was just a simple necessity. A Nobile sock is a sock created to improve your days in terms of comfort and to offer you a style rich with character and personality.

Why Nobile

Italian quality, constant commitment, fine yarns, all made in-house. Just like the old days.

Those who choose us believe in the value of craftsmanship.

Those who choose us prefer quality (and sustainability) over fast fashion brands.

Those who choose us know that small details, even those seemingly imperceptible, communicate everything.

The perfect recipe for a valuable product is born from the union of several ingredients combined together.

  • Unique yarns like hand-picked extra-long Makò cotton staples (very hard to find) and the most elastic of elastomers, that is, Lycra®.
  • Working processes of the yarns with the best technologies available.
  • A team of craftsmen with decades of experience who manage to harmoniously and stylishly put our creations together.

The result of this recipe is a fine design for every occasion of your life, socks made from certified Filoscozia®, one of the most precious cottons in the world, and superior comfort.

This is NOBILE.

Noble yarns that you will not find anywhere else.

Many say LISLE OF SCOTLAND, but only ONE IS THE TRUE AND ORIGINAL. To date you have only bought non-certified socks. At NOBILE, we use the authentic Filoscozia® yarn. In fact, with every pair, you receive the appropriate holographic label that certifies it. You might be wondering what is the difference. For many, it's a discovery from which there's no turning back. Click below to find out.

Filoscozia® find out more!

Sophisticated designs

Every moment is a first impression that tells about us and who we are. In our designs, we try to introduce elements of style meant to be noticed by other fashion lovers. Each of our designs follows current trends, from classic to the most innovative, while at the same time adding an extra touch of character and personality.

Experience. Quality. Made in Italy

A product that treats your feet with care and elegance, a noble yarn for a true royal treatment.

From the Factory to the Consumer

From a craftsmen's shop in Puglia to your feet. There's no middleman. This translates into affordable prices and better customer care. At the moment, you can only find us online, but we will soon be opening our first store.

+30,000,000 pairs crafted

For 40 years, we have been producing socks of extreme quality, of various kinds and yarns of every type. We have done this for well-known Italian and international brands, striving to make each individual pair with character and beauty. The products of the NOBILE brand were born from the union of our past experiences and the intention to offer a product of the highest quality on the market., we have been producing socks of extreme quality, of various kinds and yarns of every type. We have done this for famous national and foreign brands, striving to imbue each individual pair with character and beauty. The products of the NOBILE brand were born from the union of our past experiences and the intention to offer a product of the highest quality on the market.

Do you need help?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I order a custom size?

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Certainly, among the available sizes it is possible to select a \"made-to-measure\" pairs to request larger or smaller sizes than the predefined ones."}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"It should be noted that it is only possible to order made-to-measure sizes with a minimum quantity of 6 pairs of socks for each model or pattern."}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":" For example you can order a custom size of 6 or more solid color blue socks, or 6 or more bordeaux ribbed socks."}]}]}

Can I customize my socks?

Would you like to wear or gift unique socks? Maybe for your partner or for a special event?

We offer customizations such as the addition of initials or the use of particular colored yarn.

We can also make more advanced customizations such as adding symbols or logos for companies and individuals, or modifying other components of the sock upon request.

Customizations such as adding initials or particular colors require a minimum order quantity of 6 pairs.

Other customizations, such as complex logos or designs or the addition of particular materials may require a higher minimum quantity.

For any customization request, our customer support is available at the WhatsApp number: +39 348 536 2524 or via email at: calzificio@nobileitaly.com.

Where are the socks made?

Our socks are made in Italy, entirely sewn in Racale, an Apulian town in the province of Lecce, known for being the Italian capital of the hosiery trade thanks above all to the high skills developed by local craftsmen.

How should socks be washed?

Our socks are made with the best cotton in the world and are more resistant and long lasting than common cotton socks.

However, for a better rendering of the natural shine and durability over time, it is recommended to wash by hand in cold water, with a non-aggressive neutral detergent.

Just leave the socks to soak in cold water with the detergent for less than 15 minutes, then rinse them, squeeze them, "beat" them gently and hang them out to dry.

The socks do not need to be ironed and can be worn as soon as they are dry. On the leg, they won't show any kind of wrinkles.

What are the shipping times?

After taking charge of your order, it takes about 24-48 business hours for the order processing and shipment.

Once shipped, the package will be delivered in 4-7 business days.

For any questions, you can contact the email:calzificio@nobileitaly.com and you will receive a response within 24 hours at the latest.

Can I ship my order as a gift to someone else's address?

Certainly. At checkout, just enter the other person's name and address.

If it is a gift, remember to enter your email address and not that of the recipient, so that it is you who receives order confirmation, shipping and tracking notifications.