Walk in the finest and softest silk in the world

We only use pure mulberry silk grown in Southeast China

Mulberry silk is produced by the cultivation of silkworms, an activity that dates back about 5,000 years ago in China, during the Bronze Age civilization.

For thousands of years, the Chinese kept the secret of silk production, making their product extremely precious and sought after in international trade.

In our search for the world's most precious yarns, we couldn't help but offer socks woven with this wonderful yarn.

Mulberry silk has always been considered a luxury fabric, appreciated for its softness, shine, and durability.

It was a good reserved for the upper classes and nobility in many cultures. It was one of the main goods traded along the historic Silk Road, the famous trade route that connected East Asia to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

It is to the Silk Road that we decided to dedicate our "Marco Polo" socks, woven in pure mulberry silk. A creation that combines Made in Italy craftsmanship with the ancient skills of the Chinese textile world.

Mulberry silk is a natural fiber of the highest quality, with unique shine and softness. Its properties make it perfect as one of the most exclusive yarns for the production of luxury socks.

Beyond its renowned softness, mulberry silk offers exceptional comfort thanks to its breathable properties, which help keep your feet dry and cool all day.

Its thermoregulating properties keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer, making the socks suitable for all seasons.

Mulberry silk is a hypoallergenic natural fiber, ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies, reducing the risk of skin irritations.

Silk is a natural fiber primarily composed of proteins, which is why it has hypoallergenic properties making it suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Soft and smooth to the touch, in the case of socks for example, it reduces friction between the fabric and the skin. Thus, it ensures a true five-star experience for those who wear them.

Like all types of silk, it is a natural and biodegradable fiber. This helps to reduce the environmental impact in sock production compared to synthetic fibers.

The yarn naturally decomposes in the environment without leaving traces of pollution. This characteristic makes it more eco-friendly than socks made predominantly of synthetic fibers, such as polyester or nylon, which can persist in the environment for hundreds of years, contributing to soil and water pollution.

An ancient Eastern craftsmanship meets Made in Italy

Nobile socks are produced in Italy, adhering to strict quality controls and high artisan production standards that ensure maximum comfort and attention to detail.

Unlike other silk socks on the market that are produced using industrial processes, each pair of Nobile socks is monitored from start to finish by an artisan.

The result is lustrous mulberry silk socks with meticulous details, offering comfort and softness that are incomparable to other silk socks on the market.

Discover the Marco Polo socks, made from the purest mulberry silk

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I order a custom size?

Certainly, among the available sizes it is possible to select the "made to measure" item to request larger or smaller sizes than the predefined ones.

It should be noted that it is only possible to order made-to-measure sizes with a minimum quantity of 6 pairs of socks for each model or pattern.

For example you can order a custom size of 6 or more plain blue socks, or 6 or more burgundy ribbed socks.

Can I customize my socks?

Would you like to wear or gift unique socks? Maybe for your partner or for a special event?

We offer customizations such as the addition of initials or the use of particular colored yarn.

We can also make more advanced customizations such as adding symbols or logos for companies and individuals, or modifying other components of the sock upon request.

Customizations such as adding initials or particular colors require a minimum order quantity of 6 pairs.

Other customizations, such as complex logos or designs or the addition of particular materials may require a higher minimum quantity.

For any customization request, our customer support is available at the WhatsApp number: +39 348 536 2524 or via email at: calzificio@nobileitaly.com.

Where are the socks made?

Our socks are made in Italy, entirely sewn in Racale, an Apulian town in the province of Lecce, known for being the Italian capital of the hosiery trade thanks above all to the high skills developed by local craftsmen.

How should socks be washed?

Our socks are made with the best cotton in the world and are more resistant than common cotton or lisle thread socks.

However, for a better rendering of the natural shine and durability over time, it is recommended to wash by hand in cold water, with a non-aggressive neutral detergent.

Just leave the socks to soak in cold water with the detergent for less than 15 minutes, then rinse them, squeeze them, "beat" them and hang them out to dry.

The socks do not need to be ironed and can be worn as soon as they are dry. On the leg, they won't show any kind of creases or folds.

What are the shipping times?

After taking charge of your order, it takes about 24-48 business hours for the order processing and shipment.

Once shipped, the package will be delivered in 4-7 business days.

For any questions, you can contact the email:calzificio@nobileitaly.com and you will receive a response within 24 hours at the latest.

Can I ship my order as a gift to someone else's address?

Certainly. At checkout, just enter the other person's name and address.

If it is a gift, remember to enter your email address and not that of the recipient, so that it is you who receives order confirmation, shipping and tracking notifications.