Come abbinare calze da uomo eleganti con la tua scarpa

How to combine elegant men's socks with your shoe

Introduction to matching elegant men's socks

Combining elegant men's socks with the shoes you have chosen to wear often raises problems of no small importance. Color, type and length are just some of the key factors for this important choice.

If we talk about the combination of men's socks and shoes, we cannot underestimate the basic dress rules .

Do you have to attend an important ceremony? Do you want to be more elegant during the day for business meetings or meetings with clients? Or maybe the elegance and style of a gentleman is part of you and you want to present yourself at your best even on less formal occasions?

Today we will give you fundamental advice for choosing elegant men's socks and always making a good impression, regardless of the context. For a refined and unique look, there are many things to know especially if you have to combine elegant socks with every model of men's shoe and for every occasion.

To avoid mistakes, follow our advice

elegant men's socks

Pairing elegant men's socks and shoes: what to do and what to avoid

It is not enough to limit yourself to choosing a pair of dark, long, solid-colored men's socks to acquire a true gentleman's look. If so, everyone could be.

And it's not even enough to match the socks to the color of the trousers or shoes. To be truly trendy and chic, you need more. What? First of all know the basic rules regarding the choice of men's socks and know what to really avoid.

You can wear the most elegant dress in the world but if you lose sight of matching with quality stockings , of the right length and color , you won't look as good as you expected.

Good socks are able to enrich the lower part of your outfit and must be in full harmony with your look, especially in matching trousers and shoes .

Whether it's for an important event, for work or simply to create elegant outfits to use every day, if you follow these tricks, tips and rules you'll see that you'll be free to express yourself on every occasion.

Choose elegant long socks and absolutely avoid socks that are too short

We often underestimate the importance of the length of the socks and this is a serious mistake, especially if we want to match them with the shoe we have chosen to wear.

In fact, to make the most of our outfit and make sure that it is perfectly consistent with the style we want to have, we must know that the shoe we will wear can only be ideal if we combine it with the right sock.

If we have to take part in a special occasion, for a ceremony or a business meeting, the stocking must be strictly long . It shouldn't go higher than the knee, so it's best to choose a sock that covers the calf.

To be clear, of the same length as the photo below.

Noble elegant stockings

Shorter length stockings, the so-called medium stocking , are recommended for everyday use. As for the short sock, a use for casual and sporty outfits is recommended.

White color is prohibited

With regards to colour, however, we are entering a complex field. We have already seen in the article dedicated to luxury men's socks that combining socks with our office outfit is a real Made in Italy art and as such needs to be learned, known and then applied.

Here too there is a fundamental rule to follow: for dark shoes, elegant socks combined with trousers or even darker ; for light-colored trousers, socks matching the color of the shoes .

Another thing to know is which color to absolutely avoid: white. The use of white stockings is allowed only during sports but they must be strictly terry cloth (possibly short).

The best fabrics and yarns for elegant socks to match shoes

To choose the most suitable sock model for the shoe to wear, we would like to recommend two yarns in particular in terms of quality, comfort and resistance.

In general, cotton socks are the ones that adapt best to every season because they allow the foot to experience comfort and freshness, while ensuring elegance at the same time.

However, you must know that there are different types of cotton socks. The best are Filoscozia® stockings and Makò stockings.

Filoscozia® is recognized by all as the best yarn in the world, designed to give maximum comfort . Unfortunately, however, there are few companies in the world that are able to offer collections with this type of fabric which, due to its natural and healthy structure, is particularly suitable for the most delicate skins . Noble is one of them.

The peculiarity of this precious type also concerns the fact that it does not shrink in washing and releases less lint than any sock. It retains these properties even after numerous washes, it does not leave redness, redness and itching.

Another peculiarity is that it makes socks bright and soft like no other yarn, as well as disfavouring perspiration and unpleasant odours. 

Makò socks, on the other hand, are an Egyptian cotton yarn with a particularly elastic fiber between 30 and 34 mm long, which adheres to the leg without leaving unsightly marks.

Makò cotton is non-mercerized Filoscozia (mercerization is the process that transforms a normal cotton yarn into Scotland thread).

As we have said several times, cotton can also be mercerized and then transformed into Scotland thread , but basically if the raw cotton used is short-fiber or of poor quality, the result will not be the best.

In essence, an extra-long staple cotton, not mercerized, is better than a cheap cotton mercerized and transformed into Filoscozia.

Elegant men's socks and shoes: classic combination

classic elegant socks

The first combination of elegant socks and shoes we tell you about is the classic one, usually the darkest. Usually you opt for neutral colors in line with the shades of the shoes. The solid color lends itself well to rigorous environments and is perfect for those who do not like to draw attention to themselves.

Compared to colors, blue is widely used as it is the royal color par excellence, suitable for important events but also for meetings.

Black, on the other hand , is suitable for ceremonies and if combined with a shoe of the same color during formal occasions, it lengthens the figure and physicality.

Elegant men's socks and shoes: formal match

The second combination that we propose concerns an occasion where maximum elegance is required even in business environments.

With classic shoes (heights or not) the advice is to wear elegant dark, plain, thin and smooth socks. In this way you will have a formal look in line with your dark suit and you will be slimmer and taller.

Elegant men's socks and shoes: casual match

Third pairing, this time ideal for leisure time. Here you have more choices. For example, if you love raised sneakers , you can choose long or medium cotton socks.

Also for raised boots the socks must be long and in this case the patterns are almost useless because no one will see them.

Elegant men's socks and shoes: matching ceremony

The fourth and last combination we're talking about concerns men's socks for ceremonies. We talked about it in a dedicated article .

As with shoes, elegant ceremonial socks should also make sobriety the point of reference to take into consideration.

In a ceremony one thing is certain: colored stockings, patterns of a thousand colors and, as a rule, anything that is too eccentric are banned.

However, the type of ceremony can influence the choice and for less formal ones it is possible to go slightly out of the classic lines by using socks with colored geometries even in different shades.

The advice is always the same: don't overdo it!

With a pair of black patent leather elevator shoes, for example, it is good to combine a pair of black, thin and smooth silk socks. Silk stockings have always been a sign of elegance and exclusivity, while elevator shoes for ceremonies are a luxury item that will make you appear taller even on the most special occasions.

A "Noble" choice for your elegant look

Our hosiery was born in Racale in 1982, we were little more than a shop. It was the golden age of Italian hosiery factories, and Racale was its capital. After difficult years (with the 2008 crisis, 90% of the hosiery factories in the town closed) we chose to give new life to the noble Italian yarns, from which Nobile was born.

Unlike other hosiery factories, the socks are not produced in an industrial way, but go through a quality control at each stage of production which combines the work of the machine with the manual work of the craftsman. Finally, each sock is inspected, ironed and washed by hand.


In this article we have seen together how to combine elegant socks with the shoes chosen for your outfit. Remember that these are just tips to use as a starting point for your look.

Feel free to best express your personality by choosing socks that best suit your taste. After all, a true gentleman knows how to do just that: choose!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What socks to wear with elegant shoes?

Choose elegant long socks and absolutely avoid socks that are too short. Do not opt ​​for the white color and choose elegant socks that are in Filoscozia or Makò.

What socks to wear under men's suits?

Blue socks are the right choice for a navy blue suit and black socks are right if your suit is dark navy blue or a charcoal gray that is almost black. To look sophisticated and trendy, you can accentuate your feet with colorful socks.

What are the best socks?

The best elegant socks are those in Filoscozia, recognized by all as the best yarn in the world, designed to give maximum comfort. Makò socks, on the other hand, are an Egyptian cotton yarn with a particularly elastic fiber between 30 and 34 mm long, which adheres to the leg without leaving unsightly marks.

How should men's socks be?

If you are wearing a blue suit, the socks should be solid black or very dark blue. If the suit is gray, choose an anthracite gray model for the socks as well. If, on the other hand, you wear a separate suit with a casual blue men's jacket and light-colored trousers, always choose a dark blue.

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