Calze da uomo a fantasia: come, quando e perché sceglierle

Patterned men's socks: how, when and why to choose them

Introduction to patterned men's socks

If there is a way to be noticed and be original, creative and whimsical, that is definitely choosing patterned men's socks .

Whether it's geometric shapes or particular elements , men's socks with patterns have the advantage of giving your outfit a truly unique touch of originality and expressing your personality with taste and style.

However, you need to be very careful about choosing and matching these socks with patterns because it's not by exaggerating that you get the desired result .

In fact, they are often less suitable for formal environments but this is only half the truth. If combined with the right suit and shoes, patterned men's socks can guarantee elegance and at the same time communicate your creative and unconventional character.

That's why in today's article we want to explain to you what are the fundamental rules you should listen to when choosing your patterned socks, what to avoid and above all what are the most widespread new trends .

What is meant by patterned men's socks

patterned men's socks

When we talk about patterned men's socks we are referring to a particular style of sock that features geometric motifs , a particular design or elements that allow you to communicate your personality through a creative and whimsical touch.

Generally this type of stockings attracts more attention and for this reason the combination of stockings is the most difficult but at the same time also the most interesting.

It is capable of giving your look that extra touch of personality compared to other combinations.

More suitable for leisure time and to wear with a separate suit, they are difficult to combine with a greater number of colors.

For more sober outfits and to create extravagant and unconventional combinations, men's socks with whimsical patterns are very suitable . These patterns can represent festivities, new revisited geometric shapes, hobbies and passions.

They are suitable for those who feel ready to dare, to attract attention and go against the tide. They will make your look more dynamic, youthful and fresh.

5 basic rules for your patterned men's socks

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that men's socks with patterns must be comfortable, adhere well to the foot and above all allow you to obtain maximum comfort.

They should fit your feet snugly but not be too tight at the same time. This is to ensure the best fit.

There are therefore some characteristics on which you must pay close attention when choosing antasia stockings :

Point 1: the socks must not have excess fabric because it can cause annoying rubbing that is unbearable, an important feature often underestimated of this type of patterned socks.

Point 2: The fit of your shoes is influenced by the type of socks you choose and for this reason you should always try on the socks with the shoes you plan to wear.

Point 3: if the shoe is narrow, it will be preferable to wear a pair of thin socks. If, on the other hand, the shoe is a little wider, use thick socks that will offer you a better fit.

Step 4: Pay attention to the length of the socks. Remember these three rules: longer socks for special occasions or so-called business man looks; media for everyday life; short for a casual and sporty outfit.

Point 5: remember that it wouldn't hurt to opt for custom-made socks . Nobile creates them with the intention of offering socks that are perfectly in line with your needs.

patterned men's socks

Combinations for patterned men's socks

If your desire is to choose a patterned stocking, it is important that you know how to combine it with your outfit. In a previous article we saw what are the generic rules to best match socks to your dress and shoes .

In this case you have much more choice and you can give space to your creativity but always respecting the fundamental rules, so as to avoid combinations that are not consistent with your style goals.

Remember not to overdo it and maybe opt for socks with geometric shapes that give linearity to your overall outfit, especially if the occasion requires it (such as a ceremony or a business meeting).

Compared to color combinations, don't focus too much on the color of the shoes and mainly consider the color of the jacket. Choose socks that match the dominant color of the jacket and the secondary color of the trousers (possibly for the latter in tone-on-tone mode).

Geometric motifs are in fact suitable for a separate dress to give the look more personality. Very important to combine them with some detail of the jacket or trousers.

One thing is certain: you will attract attention, you will stand out from the crowd and you will be truly unique.

If you are looking for men's socks with geometric patterns, we recommend that you take a look at our online store .

New trends

Choosing socks for your outfit is difficult but it can seem even more so when you have to opt for one color over another.

Combining socks with our outfit for various occasions is a real Made in Italy art and as such it needs to be learned, known and then applied.

Fashion periodically offers new solutions and suggests what the trends of the present and the future will be. Being changeable over time it is good to have points of reference.

Speaking of patterned socks, you could opt for an elegant style that leaves room for your creativity, through geometric shapes such as honeycomb ones and choosing from the many different colors that Noble offers you, such as the De 'Doctors' that you find in shades of blue, dark blue, silver and orange .

You could then choose to have an even more elegant style with the Roberto I of Scotland model that you find in the dark blue, petrol or green and orange version .

Finally, if you plan to have a creative and imaginative style but with an always elegant and formal imprint, the Napoleone - 1820 Empire Style model in the brown, purple or blue version could be a choice that is not at all risky.

It may sound like a pun but it really is: don't limit your Fantasy!

You really can choose and best fit your socks by choosing from a huge array of possibilities.

patterned socks

For a fantasy that is Noble

Unlike other hosiery factories, the socks are not produced in an industrial way, but go through a quality control at each stage of production which combines the work of the machine with the manual work of the craftsman. Finally, each sock is inspected, ironed and washed by hand.

We use Makò extra long fiber cotton in Filoscozia® certified with a holographic stamp. The design is stitched and not printed which favors a lack of impact on the skin. The cuff of our men's socks is Lycra and extra soft and our socks have a reinforced heel to give maximum comfort.

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The great Freddie Mercury in one of his many interviews that have gone down in history said: "if you have to do something, do it with style". A statement that "fits" perfectly with what we have seen in this article.

Choosing patterned socks means being creative and wanting to have an unmistakable style. It means being able to experiment but without forgetting the fundamental rules.

We hope this article will help you choose your patterned socks.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to combine socks with men's suits?

Three fundamental variables such as fabric, length and color must be taken into consideration. Starting from these three we can choose the best combination. For dark trousers, socks that match the trousers or even darker. For light-colored trousers, socks matching the color of the shoes.

How to combine socks with men's shoes?

The general rule is that for dark trousers, socks match the trousers or even darker and not the shoes. For light-colored trousers, socks matching the color of the shoes.

How to match the color of the socks?

The color of the socks matches that of the shoes, but at the same time the color of the trousers and jacket must also be taken into account. To get a good combination, just respect the basic rules of color combination and always have black, dark blue and dark gray socks available in your closet. With these three shades you can easily match everything you have in your wardrobe, without much effort.

How should men's socks be?

There are three levels to differentiate: longer socks for special occasions or so-called business man looks; media for everyday life; short for a casual and sporty outfit.

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