The sock you don't feel on your skin

"Men's craft socks designed to be softer, stronger and more gentle on the skin than normal cotton socks"

A story Made in Italy born in 1982 in Racale, Puglia, also known as "the city of socks".

Over the years, our hosiery factory has produced socks of many types and shapes for famous Italian and international brands .

During this journey we have reinvented ourselves several times, to seek the highest quality and technological standards.

The socks available here are the perfect combination of these innovations and offer solutions to the most common problems of stockings on the market today.

It's like having the comfort of a Spa worn on your feet that lasts all day.

Find the full story here.

Men's Crew Craft Socks

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"Zero annoyances, less smell, more respect for the skin"

• The natural fiber does not cause itching or discomfort of any kind.

• Extremely soft, does not cause redness even to the most delicate skin.

• Stay focused on your work. You will forget that you have wearing them.

• Go through the day without the stress of having to take off your socks as soon as you get home.

Craft Sock Collections

"The finest cotton in the world"

• Each sock is made from noble cotton yarn, Filoscozia®, the noblest variety of cotton in the world.

• The elastic is the softest ever. It stays on without you feeling it.

• The graduated knit adheres naturally to the leg, without the need for strong and invasive elastic bands.

Make a Box of 6

"Made in Italy by craftsmen"

• The sewing process is carefully monitored by professional craftsmen.

• Unlike other industrial brands, each sock is followed by a person, at each stage.

• After stitching, each sock is washed and ironed by hand.

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No more compromises between comfort and style

Enhance your shoes and your clothing combinations. Here's what consultants and fashion authorities, say about Nobile.

  • Nicola Santangelo & Rosa Pellegriti | Bronte Concept Store

    They share a passion for fashion and good taste. Founders of the Bronte Concept Store.

    Rosa: "I was looking for an original gift for Nicola. This time I can say that he was amazed."

    IG: @conceptstorebronte 
  • Andrea Noro | L'Homme

    Owner of the men's high fashion shops L'Homme, with stores in Bassano del Grappa and Vicenza.

    "The cotton is amazing, shinier than other high-end socks. The silver packing is fabulous."

    IG: @lhommestore__ 
  • Lorenzo Pantano | Fashion Consultant

    Consultant for over 10 years for fashion companies throughout Italy.

    "Proving that a sock can enhance the overall image of an outfit."

    IG: @imlorenzopantano 
  • A royal treat

    With their natural shine and very fine texture, they give a premium detail to all your outfits.

  • Ideal for work

    Comfortable all day long, you don't feel them, they don't sag and don't smell. Offer your best first impression.

  • A fabulous gift

    A set of exclusive craft socks made with the best cotton in the world enclosed in a box with silver finishes.

  • No more messy looks

    Unlike other socks, they are resistant to numerous washes and don't lose their natural shine.

Are socks all the same?

Here's how much it costs to buy one sock rather than another

The table below shows the main differences between a cheap pair of socks, a decent on, and Nobile craft socks designed for your comfort and skin care.

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What do I really pay for when I buy "regular cotton socks"? (Click here for details)

The quality of cotton can vary significantly due to the difference in the length of its organic fibers.

Longer fibers often used by luxury brands, such as those found in Egyptian cotton varieties like Filoscozia®, are highly desirable for their superior strength, softness, and durability.

They result in smoother and more refined fabrics that are less prone to pilling or fraying. In contrast, shorter fibers found in lower-grade cotton can lead to rougher and weaker textiles that may wear out more quickly.

The length of cotton fibers plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality and performance of the fabric, highlighting the importance of choosing cotton products made from high-quality, longer fibers for optimal comfort and longevity.

With our socks, you can enjoy the superior benefits of exceptional comfort, durability, breathability, and overall craftsmanship, avoiding the drawbacks commonly associated with mediocre cotton socks made from poor quality cotton.
Low-quality cotton socks Mid-quality cotton socks Nobile socks in Filoscozia® cotton yarn
Made with cheap cotton with short and rough fibers Often the cotton quality does not justify the price Artistically crafted in Italy with extra-long fiber noble cotton yarn
Leave the skin dry and irritated Uncomfortable if worn for several hours Gentle on the skin, you will forget you're wearing them
Rough and itchy The elastic can become uncomfortable after a couple of hours Zero pressure, guaranteed softness for over 24 hours
Made in uncontrolled environments Often not had an antibacterial treatment Sottoposte a trattamento antibatterico
Make the foot sweat right from the start Smell bad if worn throughout the day Breathable all day long
Unrecognizable after one or two washes Designed to be replaced after a few uses Remain the same after numerous washes
Dull colors Easily fade in color Intense and vibrant colors resistant to washing
Short-fiber cotton of unknown origin Made with short, medium, or medium-long staple cotton Extra-long staple cotton (33/35mm+), handpicked, without harmful defoliants for human health, with certified origin

Nobile Guarantee
"100 days to try"

Even a thousand or more words couldn’t fully describe how soft and comfy it is to wear a Nobile sock on your feet for the first time.

In case our socks don’t meet the expectations described on this site for some reason, we offer to anyone a full 100 day guarantee with a full refund of your order.

What are you waiting for? Your favorite pair could soon be out of stock. Order yours. Your feet will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a custom size?

Certainly, among the available sizes it is possible to select the "made to measure" item to request larger or smaller sizes than the predefined ones.

It should be noted that it is only possible to order made-to-measure sizes with a minimum quantity of 6 pairs of socks for each model or pattern.

For example you can order a custom size of 6 or more plain blue socks, or 6 or more burgundy ribbed socks.

Can I customize my socks?

Would you like to wear or give away unique socks? Maybe for your partner or for a special event?

We offer customizations such as the addition of initials or particular colors.

We can also make more advanced customizations such as adding symbols or logos for companies and individuals, or modifying other components of the sock upon request.

Customizations such as adding initials or particular colors require a minimum order quantity of 6 pairs.

Other customizations, such as machining of logos, designs or the addition of particular materials may require a higher minimum quantity.

For any customization request, our customer support is available at the WhatsApp number: +39 348 536 2524

Where are the socks made?

Our socks are Made in Italy, entirely sewn in Racale, an Apulian town in the province of Lecce, known for being the Italian capital of the hosiery trade thanks above all to the high skills developed by local craftsmen.

How should socks be washed?

Our socks are made with the best cotton in the world and are more resistant than common cotton or lisle thread socks.

However, for a better rendering of the natural shine and durability over time, it is recommended to wash by hand in cold water, with a non-aggressive neutral detergent.

Just leave the socks to soak in cold water with the detergent for less than 15 minutes, then rinse them, squeeze them, "beat" them and hang them out to dry.

The socks do not need to be ironed and can be worn as soon as they are dry. On the leg, they won't show any kind of creases or folds.

What are the shipping times?

After taking charge of your order, it takes about 24-48 hours for the order to be processed and shipped.

Once shipped, the package will be delivered in 2-3 business days.

Can I ship my order as a gift to someone else's address?

Certainly. At checkout, just enter the other person's name and address.

If it is a gift, remember to enter your email address and not that of the recipient, so that it is you who receives order confirmation, shipping and tracking notifications.