What do I really pay for when I buy "regular cotton socks"?

The quality of cotton can vary significantly due to the difference in the length of its organic fibers.

Longer fibers often used by luxury brands, such as those found in Egyptian cotton varieties like Filoscozia®, are highly desirable for their superior strength, softness, and durability.

They result in smoother and more refined fabrics that are less prone to pilling or fraying. In contrast, shorter fibers found in lower-grade cotton can lead to rougher and weaker textiles that may wear out more quickly.

The length of cotton fibers plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality and performance of the fabric, highlighting the importance of choosing cotton products made from high-quality, longer fibers for optimal comfort and longevity.

With our socks, you can enjoy the superior benefits of exceptional comfort, durability, breathability, and overall craftsmanship, avoiding the drawbacks commonly associated with mediocre cotton socks made from poor quality cotton.

Low-quality cotton socks Mid-quality cotton socks Nobile socks in Filoscozia® cotton yarn
Made with cheap cotton with short and rough fibers Often the cotton quality does not justify the price Artistically crafted in Italy with extra-long fiber noble cotton yarn
Leave the skin dry and irritated Uncomfortable if worn for several hours Gentle on the skin, you will forget you're wearing them
Rough and itchy The elastic can become uncomfortable after a couple of hours Zero pressure, guaranteed softness for over 24 hours
Made in uncontrolled environments Often not had an antibacterial treatment Sottoposte a trattamento antibatterico
Make the foot sweat right from the start Smell bad if worn throughout the day Breathable all day long
Unrecognizable after one or two washes Designed to be replaced after a few uses Remain the same after numerous washes
Dull colors Easily fade in color Intense and vibrant colors resistant to washing
Short-fiber cotton of unknown origin Made with short, medium, or medium-long staple cotton Extra-long staple cotton (33/35mm+), handpicked, without harmful defoliants for human health, with certified origin

Experience. Quality. Made in Italy

A product that treats your feet with care and elegance, a noble yarn for a pure royal treatment.