What is a craft sock?

The question arises spontaneously when you see a sock coming out of a machine, falling into a basket and mixing with the other pairs.

Some might ask themselves: where is the craftsman? It is a fair observation but one which at the same time can mislead us.

To clarify, it is essential to start by making a clear distinction between "industrial production" and "artisanal production using machinery" . The purpose of this article is to provide a concise but complete and exhaustive answer. Let's proceed by points.

Use of traditional machinery

machine socks

While using machines, the creation of craft socks such as those of the Nobile brand, employs traditional type machinery and consolidated techniques that require considerable skill on the part of the craftsmen who operate them.

These machines are not easy to use and require great skill . To be clear, it is not enough to press a button to find a brand new pair of socks in your hand.

To give a practical example, we can compare a bar coffee machine to a home one with pods or an office vending machine.

If what we aim for is not making a good coffee, but creating true excellence, we can only do it through craftsmanship using a traditional bar machine.

In our hosiery factory, the mastery of each craftsman translates into a high quality product that maintains the characteristics of craftsmanship.


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Manual control and quality

socks with craftsman

Although machines are used, each stage of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled and supervised by a craftsman, ensuring the quality of the product and the attention to detail that distinguishes craftsmanship.

The craftsman sets up and adjusts the machinery during the entire production process.

This aspect helps to maintain a constant quality for each pair and prevents any errors or defects from going unnoticed. The defective sock is immediately discarded and the weaving is adjusted again to continue the supply chain in an excellent and flawless manner.

Defects of this kind, if not identified and fixed immediately, repeat themselves in cascade on very high production volumes, giving rise to large stocks of defective socks. In fact, this occurs very commonly in industrial and totally automated productions .

In fact, the human being is the added value compared to an industrial production. Once the weaving part is finished, each sock is checked again in every detail, washed in cold water to eliminate any paraffin marks and to settle the fabric knit.

Finally, each sock is ironed by hand, using special irons that take the shape of a leg. At this point each pair is folded and placed inside its packaging.


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Personalization and uniqueness

handmade short socks

Craft production allows for greater customization and variety in the design and detailing of socks than large-scale industrial production. This means that each pair of socks maintains a certain degree of uniqueness and originality.

For each pair, the craftsman in charge of production has the skill to be able to modify the size of the sock and combine different materials in different points to optimize the characteristics based on the foot and leg of each customer.

It is thanks to this manual control of each pair that we are able to offer small quantities of made-to-measure socks on our website, starting from six pairs. Like a real little hosiery tailor's shop.

Knowledge and expertise of the craftsmen

yarn craft socks

An equally important aspect in the distinction between an industrial production and an " artisanal production using machinery", lies in the know-how and experience of the craftsmen who work with the machines.

It is thanks to these skills that each expert craftsman is able to obtain a higher quality product than that obtained with a purely industrial and automated production.

The final result is no longer a "commodity", but an example comparable to any other piece of art, created by the union between the machine and the human being, the latter being a fundamental component and added value in each production step.

Tradition and innovation

handmade socks production

Our hosiery combines traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation to create very high quality socks that respect the values ​​of craftsmanship, while benefiting from the improvements made by the use of machines.

The evolution of machines is undoubtedly of great help in perfecting the phases of the work. Using reliable brand machines is essential to complete a high level of human professionalism with the best mechanical tools, and to avoid the greatest number of errors and defects.

Using more reliable machinery allows the craftsman to dedicate his time to perfecting the details and modifying the shape and structure of the sock using the machine.

At the end of the weaving of each pair, a careful intermediate review always follows to eliminate potential specimens with defects or with incorrect measurements.

Production times and care

Finally, artisanal production requires longer production times and a greater commitment on the part of the craftsmen, compared to common industrial production. This translates into a product with attention to every detail and superior quality.

Although industrial production and artisanal production using machinery may seem similar at first sight, they are very different processes. Comparable in many respects to the differences between mass industrial clothing production and a historic tailor's shop.

From a distance, products can look almost the same as they have the same shape. Touching them with your hand and wearing them is a whole other story.

Many of our customers say that each sock fits like a glove on the leg. To achieve a grip of this kind that also results in maximum comfort, we worked every day together with the tool, the machine, adjusting it according to the needs of the moment and the feedback received from our customers.

Over the years, the advice of our customers has contributed a lot to the improvement of each model, making many customers many small artisan collaborators.



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The socks you don't feel on your skin

Our hosiery was born in Racale in 1982 , we were little more than a shop. It was the golden age of Italian hosiery factories, and Racale was its capital. After difficult years (with the 2008 crisis, 90% of the hosiery factories in the town closed) we chose to give new life to the noble Italian yarns, from which Nobile was born.

Unlike other hosiery factories, the socks are not produced in an industrial way, but go through a quality control at each stage of production which combines the work of the machine with the manual work of the craftsman. Finally, each sock is inspected, ironed and washed by hand.

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